Hi, I do martial art

I styrhytten pa Freja.

My name is Jakob Strandman, I live in Uppsala, Sweden. After my studies I worked as teacher, then with local government-information and I have great interest in natural science, design, budo, handicraft and of course my nice revenue cutter Freja.

I have been training martial art with Uppsala Kyokushin Karate during many years and also worked with the clubs’ committee and with the Budohouse, where the club is active. Meanwhile I have more and more come to appreciate the beauty of Japanese calligraphy.

My martial art pictures

I enjoy working with my hands and have begun to create pictures with Budo-motives. Now I’m doing these artworks for decoration, as gifts for well-merited people, and for selling. Among other things I have made pictures with the beautiful calligraphy of Kyokushin, Karate, Budo, Kanku, Aikido and so on. I shape them from tree and mount them with distances on backgrounds, which gives the pictures a threedimensional look. No doubt, I do create other beautiful symbols as well.

I make theese calligraphy-pictures  in different formats, colours and shape, after desire and I also make symbols, logotypes, standing by themself, without any background. Calligraphy with LED-illumination can of course also be delivered. Large pictures costs around 1500 SEK and smaller items less, all due to mutual agreement.

In Budohuset in Uppsala, in Kungälv kyokushin karate and i Mjölby budoclub you can find my works.

Contact me using the form below if interested, want to know more or just want to buy a picture.


Please, get in touch if you like my work of art or would like to buy something.

Telefon: 070 - 17 204 17
E-post: jakob.strandman@telia.com

Tack för ditt meddelande!